Chrissy M

Lead Vocals / Bass

First sang in a band at 17, now ermmm a little older.

I have years of songs I'm unleashing, they just pop in to my head.

Brace yourselves !



Mick C

Guitar / Backing Vocals

Currently likes :

Telecasters and Dirty Valve Amps

Playing for free....playing for money is vulgar....oh, go on then ..I'll give it another go !

The Clash, the Ramones, 70's Punk, Funk...all sorts really.

Simple: As Lou Reed said,'One Chord is fine, two chords are pushing it, three chords and you are into Jazz'





Frustrated musician ! or drummer or is it both ? Not a philosopher so will leave it to Topper "Love every minute of it and try not to get carried away because it can be a short career" still waiting for mine to start !!!

Listening to :

The Clash,The Who, Green Day, Foo Fighters and pretty much everything except 'C' - rap !